Model, w którym wszystkie Prawdy zostały już powiedziane, lecz jest ich tak dużo, że – znów – zapanował Chaos i Niewiedza.


tak: Franka.
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j.l. borges (1899-1986), foto: Ferdinando Scianna: „Jorge Luis Borges at the ruins of Selinunte, Sicily, 1984”

– That seems pretty serious to me, that a person or people do not possess an ethical instinct or sense, doesn’t it? Moreover, there’s a tendency, or a habit, of judging an act by its consequences. Now that seems immoral to me, because when you act you know if your acts are evil or good. As for the consequences of an act—they ramify and multiply and perhaps balance out in the end. I do not know, for example, if the consequences of the discovery of America have been good or evil, because there are so many. Even as we are talking, they are growing and multiplying. Thus, to judge an act by its consequences is absurd. But people tend to do this. For example, a contest or a war is judged according to failure or success and not according to whether it’s ethically justified. As for the consequences, as I said, they multiply in such a way that, perhaps in time, they balance out and then become unbalanced again. It is a continuous process.

Borges and God
Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari