slashdot (a kto by inny?) cytuje text z BBC:
„Ants – learning from the collective”.
(i to nie jest o Polityce…)
When our present technology-driven society considers the ant, the aim is not to find moral guidance or to admire a perfect political system, but to gather clues that will help us to solve technical problems.
So now human communications networks are often based on „virtual pheromone trails”.
Myrmecologist Professor Nigel Franks, of the University of Bristol, has introduced the phrase „collective intelligence” to describe ant behaviour.
He keeps ant colonies in little plastic boxes, and he paints his ants different colours (using a brush the size of a human eyelash) so he can watch what each one does.

a co dalej?
a to już sobie poczytajcie w Oryginale. ja idę dopracowywać moje feromony.