sony. wielka marka – była. i jeszcze jest; ale jak długo?
kiedyś myśleli: zrobimy coś, czego nikt inny nie wymyślił, nie robi.
dziś myślą: me too! ja zrobię tak samo! i lepiej. przecież jestem Wielki…
If you love the Sony name, or the Walkman’s size and design, or if you regularly take flights lasting more than 12 hours, you might be willing to pay $100 more for this new Walkman over an iPod. But, for everybody else, until Sony fixes the multitude of sins in this product, steer clear of it.
i suplement: Steve Jobs: Our intention was very simple: All of our competitors sell the same products. They’re all designed by the same company in Taiwan, so at the point of distribution, you don’t have to know very much to sell them. You don’t have to be able to explain them, because they’re all the same; you just have to be able to point to the ones where your company gets more in gross margin, and we can’t thrive in that environment. We innovate(via: Gen Kanai Weblog)