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    Next we tried dropping it from a „considerable” height. The height we dropped it from was approximately 9ft (ie. one of us standing on a stone bench at the park). This was the first point where the iPod started to operate abnormally. The display was seriously bugged out, but the music continued to play and navigating via the scroll wheel still worked as expected.

    We placed the nano in the path of the car and drove over it with both front and rear tires. Driving over the nano produced sickening crunching noises which coincidentally sounded a lot like an LCD being crushed. After the first hit and run, the iPod’s display was not cracked but was showing some nasty vertical lines. Shockingly, the nano was still playing music and the controls still operated as expected, as we were still able to skip ahead, go back, pause, and play music!

(a za znalezienie dziękujemy panu Sylwestrowi z w-wy. że też serce mu wytrzymało; mocny gość ;)