The problem with writing life stories is that it’s hard to know where to stop. Lives are sprawling landscapes, and a book is like a map: it has edges imposed by its maker.
Three months after the book came out, I received an email from a reader in California. It’s thrilling to discover that a stranger has read your words and felt moved to write a few back, but this message raised the hair on the back of my neck. The writer introduced herself as the great-great-granddaughter of Elida Vineyard DeLong, an ambassador’s wife who had a cameo in the story.
Janice P. Nimura
„History never ends, it just gets retold”

to prawda. tylko że to nie musi być mapa:

Sylwia Siedlecka zwróciła mi uwagę, że nie tworzę tu mapy jednak, lecz jestem „w środku”. A więc byłby to opis „topograficzny” a nie „kartograficzny”

Państwo Nikt…” (przyp. 40, str. 131)