rzadko cytujemy Playboy’a; w zasadzie nie wiem czemu. interesuje ich to samo, co nas… ale się nie składało. no to macie:
Playboy: Will you ever name the Bush appointee you referred to as „F” in „The Washingtonienne”
Jessica Cutler: I am not ever going to name him.
Playboy: Are your sexploits representative of women of your generation?
Jessica Cutler: I don’t think I’m unique. I’m young, I date around, I’m looking to have fun. I’ve been in serious monogamous relationships that could have led to marriage, but I’ve had to learn the hard way that I’m too young for that. It was never enough. Girls my age need to realize that love is not enough. It’s very fleeting… People like to pretend that money and looks don’t matter, but they do.
i aby nie było: to wszystko jest o… blogowaniu, nowoczesnej formie dziennikarstwa. i o Apple.
(via Gizmodo: Do they have a special iBook with the Apple Logo removed, or are their photoshop people just that good?
a jak kto chce znaleźć jej blog – szybko znajdzie… warto.