Mark Manning oraz Bill Drummond:

    The colour plates are reproductions of a picture collage pieced together by Manning in a scrapbook as an attempt „to keep sane” during a 1992 Scandanavian Mindwarp tour, and sent to Drummond shortly after tour ended.
    Drummond found himself repeatedly drawn to its contents, each perusal revealing more, „like a collection of good verse”.
    Manning was horrified when he suggested publishing it…
    „This book corrupts and depraves. Men are dangerous and this book makes them more dangerous. Taking pornography out of its brown paper wrapper and sticking it in a stylishly bound, expensive book that purports to be artistic expression does not make it any less dangerous… „

Zed’s images provoke Drummond to discuss art in the context of progressive rock, pornography and fascism.
„Fuck Picasso!” he writes, „Hitler was the greatest artist of the 20th Century. His Third Reich the ultimate artistic expression. But that doesn’t excuse it.”