to o Francji? Nie… No to może o Polsce? Też nie…

They love it. External meddling in a nation’s democratic affairs is cool, it seems, if it accords with chattering-class prejudice.
Even by the standards of the EU — an oligarchy happy to override national democracy and plunge working-class people into penury if it helps prop up their bureaucratic machine — the Juncker-led leaking about his dinner and negotiations with Theresa May has been extraordinary.
From Juncker to Merkel to various of our own party leaders and media people, the idea that the British people should decide the fate of the British nation is seen as idealistic and dangerous. Brexit, chosen by 17.4million of us, is a mistake, they claim. We must be instructed on who to vote for next month, they believe.
Brendan O’Neill
Forget Putin — it’s Brussels that is meddling in our elections

i z korespondenci nadesłanej (thx!), uwaga: lewacki Guardian, ostrzegałem:

In truth, Brussels is a democracy-free zone.
When Schäuble welcomed me with his “it is my mandate against yours” doctrine, he was honouring a long EU tradition of neglecting democratic mandates in the name of respecting them.

Yanis Varoufakis
The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May

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  1. Obydwie stony mendzą, a przeciwko głosowało z 15 mln i referendum w UK nie jest prawniw obowiązujące parlament ani żąt.

      1. Nie, to referendum nie było obligujące prawnie do działania. Wygrała strona oczywiście lepsza co przepłaciła życiem posłanka Jo Cox.

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