Cornice sued by another disk maker… What Cornice’s happy customers will think of this is probably equally clear. update: jednak będą. pamiętacie Commodore? nie? szkoda.

Watch out, Apple, another microcomputing pioneer from the 1970s is moving into the digital music business with a portable, hard drive-based music player. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Commodore is back, this time with its an MP3 player.

Seagate has escalated its legal assault on rival micro hard drive maker Cornice by asking the US International Trade Commission to ban the import into the US of any product that contains a Cornice 1in drive.
If enforced the ban could hit the likes of MP3 player makers Aiwa (ie. Sony), iRiver, Element, Agere, Rio and RCA (ie. Thomson), and other vendors, including Digitalway.