I could look at pictures of Ueshiba (1883-1969) all day.
I have never seen a bad photo of him (and there are thousands).

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i do tego był znakomitym kaligrafem. pismo ręczne, pismo ręczne
but bad photo: no poblema. der’s-allways-BadPicture.somewhere…

Expedition members in ankle chains before the execution
(Special Volume: Onisaburo’s Mongolian Expedition)

no to krótko.
A pacifist, Deguchi was an advocate of non-violent resistance and universal disarmament.
He was noted to have said, „Armament and war are the means by which the landlords and capitalists make their profit, while the poor suffer.”
It is intriguing that a man of this nature could become so close to a martial artist such as Ueshiba. However, it did not take long for Deguchi to realize that Ueshiba’s purpose on earth was ” to teach the real meaning of Budo: an end to all fighting and contention. „