Spiski, wszędzie spiski.

And we’ll hear the story of how the U.S. State Department tried to use jazz as a weapon in the Cold War…

Jeff Haas „The New Jazz Archive: Jazz Abroad

Penny M. Von Eschen

My second book, „Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War”, published by Harvard University Press in 2004, explored the unexpected and diverse developments and alliances that emerged from State Department sponsored jazz tours, as the U.S. officials were not always able to control the reception of the tours.
(…) I am currently writing a book called „Cold War Nostalgia: The Wages of Memory in the post- 1989 World”, under contract with Harvard University Press. (…) is about the politicized memory of the Cold War, investigating the claims and stories about the Cold War that circulated in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of Eastern bloc states.

zaś o ideologizacji malarstwa abstrakcyjnego i relacjach w drugą stronę – może kiedyś tam… (lub dookoła.)
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