Naziści nie są z Kosmosu.

“Referendums are a weapon of choice of dictators,” Dastis said in a television interview in New York, observing that General Francisco Franco conducted two referendums in Spain before the country returned to democracy after his death in 1975.

“These people actually are taking some Nazi attitudes because they are putting up posters with the faces of mayors who are resisting their call to participate in this charade,” Dastis said.

Spanish Foreign Minister Says Catalans Using ‘Nazi’ Tactics

Pyt. – Co zrobi Kom. Europ. ws. dem. w Katalonii?
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a nazistów zobaczycie Dziś tu, absolutnie skandaliczne, na to patrzą Dzieci, jak można pozwalać… Zomem w nich! Zomem…
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There is talk of „attacking democracy” and of a „serious breach of constitutional legality”, political leaders are being arrested for wanting to organize a referendum, while the police surrounds political parties’ headquarters and searches printing houses and newspapers. All this is happening in Spain, forty years after the recovery of democracy following Franco’s forty-year-long dictatorship, in a country where citizens enjoy by no means negligible levels of economic development and social welfare, the economic and institutional structure of which is fully embedded in the European and global fabric.

Joan Subparts „Catalonia: recognition and dignity

Carlos Puigdemont „Sorry, Spain. Catalonia is voting on independence whether you like it or not
Kate Shea Baird „The scale of repression over Catalonia is exposing the crisis of the Spanish state

The scale of state repression in Catalonia and its extension to the rest of Spain mark a significant shift in the ongoing dispute over the national question. The conflict is less and less about competing conceptions of democracy and increasingly about the defence of the basic rights like freedom of assembly, speech and the press.
Protesters alternated between collective renditions of the Catalan national anthem, “Els Segadors” and the libertarian and anti-fascist chants of “the streets will always be ours” and “no passaran”. As night fell, the air was filled with the sound of people banging pots from their balconies in protest, even in neighbourhoods where support for independence is relatively low. Elsewhere in Spain, emergency solidarity protests were held in more than 20 cities, using the hashtag #CataluñaNoEstásSola, “Catalonia, you’re not alone”.