Now, it’s not just a Chicago thing. Political street violence is a national thing. The thugs of the left have shut down free speech at college campuses, at political protests —and they do so at will. Cops in Democratic-run towns now either stand down or step back. And the hunting begins.

Because long before (Joe) Arpaio was sheriff, the borders with Mexico had been corrupted. Republican big business wanted cheap and compliant Mexican agricultural labor. Democrats wanted a new dependent class of compliant constituents.

Federal immigration laws were already a joke. And when the rule of law is mocked by the political elites, it breaks down. History tells us that men like Arpaio enter the breach.

So ask yourselves…

John Kass „The Democratic silence on antifa is dangerous

albo może nie pytajcie: to kłopotliwe & (potencjalnie) niebezpieczne.
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