James Hetfield perfectly summarizes leftism. San Francisco is a bastion of intolerance. Because it’s chalk full of liberal snoots telling you there’s better way to live your life: specifically the liberal way. San Francisco leftists are the same as leftists anywhere else, of course. The city is just an enclave of left-leaning douchebaggery. They’re all sequestered there, believing everyone else is just like them. And if you’re not just like them, you’re an intolerant, hateful, moronic bigot.

Metallica Frontman Leaves California. Because Intolerant Liberal Snobbery…”

4 odpowiedzi na “My tylko cytujemy i nie znamy się na Metalu.”

        1. to jeśli pieszczotliwie to Tak. (a jeśli nie, to mówiło się „elana” – szmata nie do zdarcia.)

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