This procedure is reminiscent of Herbert Marcuse’s attack on tolerance as commonly understood as a “false,” “bad,” or (famous phrase) “repressive tolerance.” Against this evil he advocated what he called “liberating tolerance.” What is liberating tolerance? Simple: “intolerance against movement from the Right, and toleration of movements from the Left.”
Why the Left hates tolerance

i u-aktualnienie, z innej beczki:

Internet activist Eli Pariser introduced the concept of the filter bubble in 2010, which refers to the fact that in their efforts to personalize your experience, companies like Google and Facebook can isolate you from opposing perspectives. He explains that when he got two friends to type BP into Google, one got links to investment opportunities, the other links to the Deepwater Horizon spill.
Edd Gent
Post-Truth: Technology Is a Big Part of the Problem, But It’s Also a Solution

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