Crispin argues that the tarot is a „tool for storytelling”: „Each reading is, essentially, a story (…) It is not necessarily about telling the future. It is about retelling the present.”

Crispin proposes not that we find truth somehow „in” the cards, but rather that the cards can provide a different lens through which to view our work. The payoff, in other words, comes not from some mystical source, but simply in the way a tarot reading can free us to notice different things about a draft or a project, thus enabling us to gain fresh insights. Fundamentally, the book is about trying to find ways to be creative:

Nothing kills creativity faster than anxiety: worrying if you’re doing things „right,” worrying that no one else is going to like what you’re doing, panicking about how it’s all going to turn out.

Almost every time, the solution is listening to and honoring your intuitive sense of not what you think you need but what your project needs to come to fruition.

Jason B. Jones
Procedures for Creativity: How to Use the Tarot