Cytuję zakończenie, aby wyglądało, że przeczytałem całość, tak.

Chomsky had not yet read Wolfe’s book, and wasn’t sure he was going to either. He had read the Harper’s excerpt and called it a „moral and intellectual disgrace”.
The real Chomsky problem may be the problem of a field in which the forceful personality of its founder and the field itself grew upward together and became deeply entwined. Whether that’s Chomsky’s fault, or simply a byproduct of his half-century or so of celebrity, is hard to say. Chomsky himself may have put it best (though he was referring to presidents rather than scientists): „We shouldn’t be looking for heroes. We should be looking for good ideas”.
That quote is available, no kidding, on a T-shirt.

Tom Bartlett
The Chomsky Puzzle

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